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Off-Grid Water Purification Systems 

For Surface Water, Well Water, Brackish Water and Sea Water

Our Commitment

Our Mission

To reduce poverty, inequality and child mortality by ensuring access to safe, clean and affordable drinking water, especially for those who lack basic services and suffer from recurring illnesses caused by waterborne diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery.

Our Goals

To eliminate the need to spend many hours per day on collecting water.

To enable more children to survive, stay healthy and attend school. 

To improve the health of adults so they can  work and provide for their families.

How we achieve them

By supplying reliable off-grid water purification systems to rural,  unconnected communities in the developing world, disaster-stricken areas, emergency hospitals and refugee camps - to sustainably produce useful quantities of safe drinking water from surface water, well water, brackish and sea water.

Mark Wind


Our Solutions

Reliable off-grid systems that create safe and pure drinking water from

  • surface water like lakes, rivers, small streams and rainwater storage tanks;

  • well water and brackish water;

  • sea water.

All our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe and have been providing safe drinking water for many years all over the world.
We consistently meet the highest quality standards, as needed for a long service life, even in the toughest environments.



Military grade First Response Kit


Compact, with huge performance

Slim-RO Series

Desalination of brackish water

Sea-RO Series

Desalination of sea water 

Lack of access to safe drinking water - 
a global crisis

Although safe drinking water is essential to life, more than 780 million people don't have access to it. And more than 140 million people rely on polluted surface water only to cover their basic need. Lack of access to safe drinking water is a major contributor to locking people in the poverty cycle. 
For the affected families and communities this has a tremendous impact on their health, education and economic development potential. The water crisis disproportionately affects millions of women and children as they must walk for many hours every day to collect water, and firewood to heat water contaminated with microbes.

Environment Pollution

From Polluted Water to Safe Drinking Water

Polluted surface water, brackish well water, or sea water is often the only available water source for rural communities without connection to water supply systems, for refugee camps and in areas where the infrastructure is damaged by floods, earthquakes and human interventions.

The good news is: it is possible to treat virtually any kind of water in a cost efficient way so it becomes safe drinking water.


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