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Watch a demo of the SmartBox

and check out its features below.

SmartBox is a Military Grade First Response Kit.

  • Extremely versatile, portable, lightweight. 

  • Plug and play operation.

  • The fully integrated smart controller automatically adapts the flux to the input water quality and flushes the membrane when needed.

  • Creates up to 250 liters per hour of safe and clean drinking water that meets WHO standards, also for metals and salts.

  • Power consumption only 25 W.

smartbox 1.png

All You Need in 1 Kit

Responsible Energy Supply
Extremely Low Power Consumption

The Ultimate Compact Solution
in a Robust Portable Casing

Complete and compact, the Smartbox contains a self-priming pump, a strainer, 3 hoses, an auto-flushing membrane, an AC filter, automatic flux regulation, a 110/230 V charger, a 12/24 V car charger and an exchangeable battery pack. The solar pane is optional.  

A lifesaving solution for rescuers, servicemen and survivalists all over the world. The Smartbox is a portable watertreatment unit, based on membrane technology and smart engineering. Where other systems clog, the Smartbox will always deliver, due to the smart flux regulator.

Engineered by Dutch Water Experts. Plug and Play, one-button-operation to clean surface water from bacteria, viruses, colour, odour, metals and salts. Fully managed by an integrated military grade smart controller.  Water output quality meets WHO standards.


SmartBox Contents

  • Self Priming Pump

  • Strainer for inlet water

  • 3 hoses (input, output and flush),

  • Auto flushing membrane,

  • Carbon filter cartridge

  • Intelligent flux regulation controlller, that automatically adjusts the flow to the quality of the inlet water.

  • 110/230 V charger

  • 12/24 V car charger

  • Optional foldable solar pane

  • Exchangeable Battery Pack, for up to 20 hours per charge

  • Internal hose storage compartment

  • Closing caps for the hose connectors

Types of Filtration

Ultra Filtration, direct Nano Filtration, Reverse Osmosis


Dimensions: 1070 x 620 x 450 mm (l x w x h) (42.1 x 24.4 x 17.7 inches)
Portable, with trolley wheels and large, firm ergonomic handles.
Weight: approx 60 Kg (132.3 lbs)

Power consumption

25 Watt

Inlet hose

8 meters (8.75 yd)

Max pump suction height

2 meters (2.2 yd)

Inlet water quality

Free from oil and grease

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