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Filtraide Sea-RO Series

Standardized Compact Systems for Sea Water Purification.

Designed and manufactured in Europe by highly experienced engineers using top grade parts only. 

Our reverse osmosis systems for water purification, have been designed to obtain safe drinking water from sea water. They are built on a strong stainless steel frame and can resist the hardest operational conditions in marine environments, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Output water meets the highest water quality standards. 

As all our units are standardized, they are already proven and much more affordable than competing systems. Our Sea-RO range covers water demands ranging from 1800 to 20000 liters per day. They can be used at sea (e.g. on platforms) and in coastal areas.



Model Specifications
Specs Sea-RO.png
  • Highly reliable systems, proven in extreme conditions

  • Stadardized and affordable.

  • Manufactured on a stainless steel frame for a long life.

  • Compact systems and easy maintenance.

  • All the units include a feeding pump, a sand filter, micro filter and PLC.

  • Metal parts in contact with feed water all in Steenless Steel AISI 316L (or Duplex/Super Duplex depending on application and water quality). 

  • Flow meter, operational time meter and electronic salinity meter. 

  • Automatic rejection of non-potable water.

  • Vibration dampening to reduce noises and prevent damage to the equipment.


  • Flushing 

  • CIP (Cleaning in Place) 

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