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Slim-RO Series

Ultra Compact Desalination Systems for Brackish Water

Our reverse osmosis systems for water purification, have been designed to obtain fresh water from brackish water. 

All systems are standardized and of ultra-compact design, allowing unprecedented economy of space. They are mounted on stainless steel frames and manufactured with top quality components. Fittings and high pressure pump are also in stainless steel.

Model Specifications
specs Slim-RO.png

Slim-RO Series


Ultra-compact design (only 190 mm wide) allowing unprecedented economy of space.

Structure, fittings and high pressure pump in stainless steel. Purifies brackish water with a salt content up to 4000 ppm.




  • Highly reliable systems.

  • Manufactured in a stainless steel skid for a longlife.

  • Compact systems and easy maintenance.

  • Increasable water production systems.

  • All units include, micrometric filters and PLC.

  • Easy to install.

  • Available in 4000 L/day or 7000 L/day

Slim-RO Plus Series


Small size reverse osmosis system with high production and low rejection, aimed at obtaining water with salt content up to 5000 ppm.

Ultra-compact design (only 23 cm wide) allowing unprecedented space saving.

Manufactured with top quality components.




  • Stainless steel structure.

  • Ultra-quiet vertical centrifugal pump.

  • Low Energy Hydranautics membrane.

  • John Guest Speedfit hydraulic accesories and valves.

  • Big blue high capacity prefiltration.

  • European manufactured solenoide valves and pressure switches.

  • Available in 6000 L/day or 12000 L/day (duo) (measured at 2000 ppm / 25 °C / 2.5 bar)

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